5 Easy Ways to Be Generous to Others

“Don’t measure your value on the scales of your bank account, but with the frequency of your generosity” -Haemin Sunim

Defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary, generosity means the quality or fact of being generous. Being generous is contagious and can spread throughout the world. Others are impacted by generosity, and it creates a snowball effect of others giving through communities, states, and even the world. When one is generous, it does not always need to deal with money; it can be as simple as complimenting someone, lending a helping hand to a neighbor or stranger, or through financial means. Regardless of the means of your generosity, here are 5 Easy Ways to Be Generous to Others.

Share or give something that has meaning to you

For example, this could be your time, influence, clothes, or money. Give away things that mean something to you as it will mean more to someone else, knowing you enjoy and value what you are giving away.

Don’t expect something in return

When being a generous person, don’t expect attention, recognition, or money in return. Give and let it go knowing someone is better off because you decided to give away something. “A gift that is given without expecting anything in return, in the belief that it should be given, in a good place and at an appropriate time, to someone who deserves it- that is a pure gift.” -Bhagavad Gita

Consider the benefits and embrace gratitude

Generous people learn to be minimalist and are happier in life because they can give more. Learn to do more so you can be more and give more to others. Giving to others gives you a sense of pride that you can make a difference and create a change within the world. Each day make a list of things you are grateful for and focus on what you have and less time on what you don’t possess.

Start small

If you have never given money away before, start small and create a budget for giving to others. 10% of your income is an excellent place to start, as mentioned in the Bible. Next paycheck, make your first priority the act of giving. You do not need to make a lot of money to be a generous person. Remember, the goal is to live in a way that you are open to using everything you have to bless and help others.

Support a cause you believe in

Find a charity/cause locally or nationally that you have similar passions and values and directly support them by volunteering. When you support a charity/cause that you are passionate about and believe in, you are more inclined to want to help.


Generosity doesn’t happen by chance. Instead, it is an intentional decision we make in our lives led by God. It is relatively simple to start being generous to others and doesn’t need to be complicated or have a long action plan attached. Start with these five simple steps and continue to build on them. 5…4…3…2…1…GO!