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The War for Talent Rages On

The “war for talent” has been blazing for many years!  Prior to my commercial real estate career, I consulted globally in the Talent Management arena. As far back as I can recall, we crafted solutions for our clients to improve their ability to attract, retain,...

Using Technology to Future-Proof Your Asset

It may seem like technology is moving faster than ever with all kinds of advancements right around the corner, but right now is the slowest rate of technological acceleration that we’ll ever see. If you look at a few different measurements of advancement, you’ll see...

What’s in Your Lease?

I enjoy working with business owners and leaders to secure a great location and negotiate a fabulous rent rate for the best space for their business. However, unbeknownst to many tenants, the rent rate is only one of the financial aspects involved in leasing...

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