Are You Grateful for Your GOATs?

As we enter the season of gratitude, I’d like to say how much I love and appreciate my Goats! They are smart. They are funny. They are talented. They are inspiring.

No, I’m not talking about the cute, funny, yet smelly little animals that eat anything in their paths – although if you have vacant land, they are an excellent and inexpensive weed eater. I’m actually talking about my Greatest Of All Times – GOATs.

For me, my GOATs are the leaders with whom I have had the honor of working and who have made the greatest impact on those around them.  They lead by example. They walk the talk. They engage others. They mentor peers. They learn. They share. They care. They inspire.

So, who are my GOATs, you ask? They are my teammates at Phoenix Commercial Properties!

Leaders are not limited to the persons at the hierarchical tops of organizations; leaders are defined in many ways.  A leader is one who takes responsibility.  The one who makes a difference. The one who has a positive impact on others. Every person is a leader in some capacity, and you can find plenty of leaders at Phoenix Commercial Properties!

Each one of my teammates is a leader. It’s Vanessa leading our social media strategy. It’s Teddy leading assemblages of properties for developers. It’s Curt leading industrial tenants to secure great leases. And the list goes on.  My teammates walk the talk! They embrace and embody each of our core values every day – Generosity, Integrity, Family, Fun, Teamwork, Transparency, Relationships, Ethics, and Education.

My teammates are my GOATs!  I am so grateful to be surrounded by these wonderful leaders who inspire and bring excellence in all they do!