Integrity-Cornerstone to Long-Lasting Success

Given the opportunity to write this month’s post gave me space to think about my career and successes. What is one attribute that I pride myself on, and look for in others? Integrity. Is it tangible and visible? Not right away, but it becomes apparent quickly as you build relationships with clients and business partners. What does integrity really mean? To me, it is dealing with others in an honest, forthright, and responsible manner, even if it puts a deal at risk. The dictionary defines it as: Integrity is a quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.  

Real Estate is a tough business. It would be easy to shade the truth in order to get a deal done, but that is a short-term gain with a high risk of failure. My moral compass points straight North–which to me is towards integrity. Part of why I joined Phoenix is that the entire team shares the same goal–to always aim for our true north–serving our clients with integrity. It has been fulfilling to see that this organization truly lives its values every day and it shines through with the number of referrals, repeat clients, and long-standing relationships we have built. 

Over the last few years of being a commercial broker, I have been involved with numerous lease negotiations, purchases of land or property, partnership discussions, representing tenants or landlords, and helping new businesses take off. Trust was always a part of any decision process. If the trust was lost during due diligence, exam periods, or the negotiation itself, a deal would never have happened.  

People are drawn to trustworthy leaders. They know they are reliable, transparent, and truthful. Most people in business know right from wrong. Unfortunately, a financial gain can be achieved for people who exercise greed and dishonest actions. In order to have both honor and success, you need integrity.

Came across this great resource as I was challenging myself to define integrity. Captures the characteristics I pride myself on, and that I see so clearly in the Phoenix team that I work with every day. 

13 Characteristics of People Who Have True Integrity*

1. They value other people’s time

2. They give credit where it is due

3. They are authentic

4. They are always honest

5. They never take advantage of others

6. They do not argue over disagreements

7. They give most people the benefit of the doubt

8. They know when something is bothering someone

9. They believe others

10. They apologize first

11. They are humble

12. They do good when they can

13. They are always kind to those who need it

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