5 Keys to Elevate Your Workspace

Whether your workspace is in a physical office building or at home, it is important to make it an environment that you are able to succeed in. There are some simple things that you can do to help ensure you are making the most of it. Below are 5 tips to help create an ideal space that will help elevate your work game! 



You want to create a space that you enjoy being in. Invest in some paintings, accent pieces, or even fun lighting. This can allow your office to reflect who you are, and what you like, adding some personality to it. It makes your office feel more comforting and easy to get work done in. When you create a space that you enjoy being in, you will ultimately become more productive.

Add Greenery

I am a firm believer that every room needs some greenery, fake or real. This really softens up a room and real plants are great for your air! This helps your workplace feel not as mechanical, but more lively. 

Think Minimal 

Try to keep everything in your office minimal. Decorations, papers, files, books, etc. You want it to be filled, without being cluttered. Seeing all the items every time you walk into the room can be distracting, but having a minimal look allows your mind to focus on your work and not the things cluttering your space.

Talk with your Colleagues

For those of us who are still in an office, utilize your fellow employees. Make it a point to talk with them throughout the day. You could brainstorm ideas, or go to them for help with a question, or simply ask about their weekend. 

Don’t Get Stuck at Your Desk

It can be hard to break away from your desk and take a time out during the work day, but this is very important to staying fresh. Give yourself a reason to get up from your desk and walk around whether that is to get a drink, pick up a copy from the printer, or go talk to a team member. Those little breaks from your desk are good at breaking up the constant focus on your screen, and can give you something to look forward to! 


Having a functional workspace is key to staying productive. Try these tips to help elevate your workspace and overall performance!