Out with the Old & In with the New!

Making a Move in 2021?

As we finally bid adieu to 2020, many of us are waving goodbye with hopeful anticipation to a shift back to some state of normalcy in 2021. However, this world-wide pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working and engaging with our office environments that may be here to stay. Many business owners are even asking questions like, “Do I need this much office space?” or “Do I need extra space to account for social distancing?” These are essential questions that address the times in which we live. If you are considering an office relocation in 2021, here are five considerations to help you make a confident decision. And, if you decide to “go for it” in 2021 make sure to download our Office Move Checklist to help your move run a little smoother. 

Know Your Why

Whether you are downsizing or upsizing your space, knowing the reason behind why you are making the decision. Do you need to cut costs? Do you need more space to provide a safer work environment for returning employees? Do you want to improve your brand image? Whatever your reason, make sure you evaluate your decision with a long-term focus rather than a short-term scope. Most commercial leases are a minimum of a three to five year commitment; therefore, it’s helpful to make decisions with the long-term rather than short-term view in mind to ensure the best return on investment. 

Count the Cost

One of the most critical and prominent factors to consider in making a move is the expense. We all know that moving requires ample planning and preparation, and that includes your budget. Make sure you have money set aside for things such as hiring movers, IT & data fees, extra upfit expenses, insurance fees, cost of signage, furniture, etc. Make sure to factor in a buffer too for those unexpected expenses!

Location, Location, Location

Consider how accessible your new site will be for employees. Does it have sufficient parking? Is it easy for clients to find? Does it adequately represent your company brand? Think about how the move will impact your business and how that will translate to your employees and their overall satisfaction. 

Check & Verify

 Examine your current lease to ensure you will not incur extra expenses for leaving early and try to time your move to ensure you will not pay double rent. 

Environment Matters

Creating a space that you and your employees will love to come to every day is important. Maybe your current office has shown you what you do not want in an office space. Now is the time to get it right. You may even want to consider hiring a professional to help you create a layout with an optimum workflow that will enable everyone to be safe, efficient, and productive. Let’s face it, pandemics are temporary, but workplace culture is foundational to the overall success of your business. Therefore, creating an environment that continues to foster safe interaction and communication between team members is crucial. 

An office move can be a significant change to your business. Still, with the right assistance, the process can be beneficial and even fun. Make sure to download our free Office Move Checklist, and if you need assistance in locating the perfect office space, we at Phoenix Commercial would love to assist you through the entire process.