The Intern Life

On May 17th, my first day at Phoenix, I walked into Suite 305 on Corporate Center Drive excited and nervous. However, once I made the first handshake, the nerves settled, and I was ready to learn.

My main focus this summer was punctuality, positivity, and passion. Some of the best advice I received came from Shipman in which he said, “Passion can’t be fake, and if passion is fake, people will see right through you.” That allowed me to reflect on if I truly could develop a passion for this industry. I’ve noticed that Phoenix focuses on relationships, which I know I’m passionate about and want to continue to foster as I begin in the business.

I shadowed six brokers and the marketing team throughout the summer. Every member of Phoenix possessed a different skillset and style of doing business, but they all blended to form a collective unit. Kim taught me the importance of contracts, John showed me the value of preparation, Mike taught me the art of knocking on doors and making calls, Curt demonstrated how to ask open-ended questions, Thomas talked me through the deal process. Teddy displayed a relentless pursuit of excellence; and Marci and Vanessa taught me the importance of detail in marketing. I equate my eight weeks of learning to drinking water out of a fire hose, but I loved every minute of it.

I grew a lot throughout the eight weeks. On my very first day, I helped John show listed property to prospective tenants. Approximately an hour before showtime, I spilled coffee on my oversized white dress shirt. So, for all the interns reading this blog post, don’t wear your Dad’s clothes and maybe stick to water on the first day.

Ultimately, Phoenix instilled confidence within me by opening up their doors, empowering me to learn, and making me feel at home. I received hands-on training, could ask questions, and participate in company activities. Phoenix even provided me with my own office! Interning at Phoenix was a blessing, and I was genuinely grateful for this experience.

Will Sossaman